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Gone Fishing

Remember when summer seemed to last forever?  You’d wake up early and the day would stretch out endlessly before you, green and lush and hot.  There were bikes to ride and books to read and night games of freeze tag and hide and seek.  Remember?

It doesn’t feel that way anymore.  The days feel as if they are speeding past, onetwothree and summer’s over.  Already it’s July – JULY — and the kids start back at the end of August.  Where is summer going?

So I’ve decided to unblog  for a bit. I’m going to spend my summer recklessly, use up every last drop, instead of hoarding it here in word snapshots on the computer.  I’ll eat more popsicles with the kids, walk in the summer rain, maybe even swim in the Sound. (I may be lying about that last event.)  I want to make summer last.

I’ll still be around – I have a few guest blog posts planned — and if you’re looking to meet me in the real world, not just the virtual one, I’ll be talking books at some of my favorite farmers’ markets, settling in between the honey and the tomatoes for sale.  I’d love to see you.

Till then, I’ve gone  fishing.


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