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First Day of School

My house is very quiet today.

When I pick up the toys, they stay in their places.

I have the computer all to myself.


It’s not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be.


I remember a day, not so long ago, when I was in Target with a chubby baby in one arm and a chattering three-year-old in the other.  I was tired and a  bit cranky and desperate for 15 minutes of peace so I could buy a shirt that wasn’t covered in spit up.  I’d have paid good money to have some time alone.


I’d give a great deal more to have that day back now.


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Only a handful of days are left before school starts.  I’m starting to freak out a little.

So, to distract myself, here’s the great underwear caper story:  Last summer, a group of people who shall remain nameless (I don’t think they read this blog, but just in case) decided to prank another person, who shall also remain nameless because I am terrified she will retaliate.  The first group was tossing out fairly lame ideas, so I reasonably suggested that if they were going to go to all the trouble to do something, they should do something big, like steal her underwear and leave it in a public place.  It was a SUGGESTION, people.  I had nothing to do with the subsequent stealing of undergarments.  (Although I may have suggested where they turned up, on a very public beach road, a few days later.)  Nor did I have anything to do with how they were shrink-wrapped around the victim’s mini-van.  Jeez!

So, this summer, all my undergarments were stolen, dipped in water, and frozen solid, which at least helped with the heat.  And it could have been much worse, I suppose.  The friend in question has major connections — she has the cell phone number of the ice cream truck.  For days, I kept imaging my things being passed out along with the ice pops and Good Humor bars.  Although I am still missing one pair …. which is what’s stopping me from posting photos.  : )

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That’s the sound summer makes as it is flies by.  Can you hear it?  The kids start school in just over a week, and there’s still a long list of things we want to do.  More time!  I need more time!

But the time we’ve had so far has been pretty special.  Long days on the beach, lazy days at the pool, afternoons with friends and family where we can have real conversations, not just the hurried sentences that carry us over during the rest of the year.

The menu

Highlights for me include eating here. It’s the third year we’ve been, and it is a magical night under a huge white tent rimmed with fairy lights,  filled with fun and sparkling conversation and a meal you just won’t believe.  And good friends, of course.  If you ever have a chance to attend, gulp at the price tag and then sign over your credit card — it’s totally worth it.

I also read this, which was magical in a completely different way.  I found myself thinking about the book and the language it was written in for days after.  I think it is going to be huge, and I highly recommend it.  (Erin also posts short stories on her blog every Friday — you can find it over on the links list to the right.)

What else happened this summer?  Well, my children each grew a few inches.  I went to a family reunion slightly sunburned, wearing a large brim hat for protection, and realized after I saw the photos I looked vaguely like a crazy southern spinster aunt who writes gothic romance.  (It wasn’t the look I was going for.)  In the frenzy of friending relatives on Facebook after, I forgot to mention I have an author page there as well for them to like.  (Cousins, if you are reading this, help the crazy spinster writer out.) I did a guest post at Writer Unboxed about the secret pages on my website.  We tried to rescue a baby bird, whom the children christened Annie.  Alas, the sun did not come out for Annie, and we had a burial ceremony in the back yard.  I read Ronald Dahl’s autobiographies, BOY and FLYING SOLO, and loved them so much I’m adding his biography to my list. I almost got sprayed by a skunk, I got pooped on by a seagull, and I had all of my underwear stolen and frozen. (If you ask nicely, I might follow up on that story with details.)

How’s your summer going? 

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