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Is it hot where you are?  It’s been brutally hot here.  We’re keeping cool by dipping into the ocean, into pools, having water gun fights.  Some of us are devouring our own weight in watermelon, others (ahem) are quietly turning into iced green tea addicts. Listening to The Graveyard Book again in the car — my favorite audio book ever — helps create a few chills, too.

I’m having lots of fun with this, too.  I bought it on sale last year, and this year I sprang for the tool kit, which is completely unnecessary but awfully fun.  We’ve made chocolate pops, lemon-lime pops, and various juice flavors, but my favorite is this recipe from Orangette.  I’m thinking about trying green tea and honey (the kids say yuck!) and after the kids are in bed I might try my hand at a few adult recipes I’ve come across.   How are you keeping your cool?Zoku Quick Pop Maker


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