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ImageI have lofty blog posts, planned, people.  Lofty.  Posts about the spaces I consider sacred and how they influence my writing, posts about character development and settings and plot, or the lack thereof.  The problem is summer keeps getting in the way. 

Somehow, summer manages to have an abundance of time, and yet not enough hours. When I wake each morning, the day stretches ahead, empty and inviting, and yet somehow I blink and it is night and nothing on my to-do list has been done.

So I’m making an official record, right now.  This summer, I want to:

  • Spend an afternoon with my daughter stretched out on the couch reading.
  • Watch a movie outside under the stars.
  • Find the perfect strawberry ice cream cone and eat it.
  • Learn how to make a flawlessly balanced raspberry lime rickey, neither too tart nor too sweet.
  • Take a trip on a sailboat and feel the wind on my face.
  • Watch a minor league baseball game with my son.
  • Hike with the Slobbering Beast and actually tire him out.
  • Finish a few chapters of the novel I’m working on.
  • Steal an afternoon away with my husband.


What’s on your summer list?

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