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I still have HIGH HOPES for this blog.  I have a fun slobbering beast update all planned, but unfortunately the slobbering beast is making it difficult to actually write about him, as I am too busy dealing with the chaos he creates to actually sit down for longer than thirty seconds.  I swear, he and my son are in league.  BUT … do not give up hope.  I should get to it this week, even if I have to give him Benadryl (Side note:  I did actually have medical approval to Benadryl the heck out of him last year, when he swallowed a wasp.  Before going down that giant maw, the wasp stung the holy crap out of his face, making it swell up so that the flesh over his eyes was the size of walnuts.  He did in fact konk out, and it was the quietest evening we’ve had since Harley came to live here.)

In the MEANTIME, I am offering several shiny distractions:

The Secret Writer has an interview up with me.  Thanks, Calum, for your thoughtful questions and attention to detail!  (Plus, it’s my first international interview — do I get frequent flier miles with that?)

Tartitude ran a fabulous Mary Stewart contest (I posted it on my Facebook Author page — you do know that I have a Facebook Author page that you can like, don’t you???) and I may or may not have entered said contest with a tiny snippet from my work in progress.

Finally, between the cold and the rain and the cold and the thunderstorms and the cold and the tornado warnings, my little secret garden is still managing to come to life:

Tucked away...


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Harley gnawing on the leg of a dinosaur.

I had plans for this post.  Big plans.  I wanted to do an update on the slobbering beast.

Or maybe talk about what I learned at last week’s panel on diversity in YA books (featuring the fabulous Cindy Pon).

Or even discuss where the heck the sun has gone, and when it’s coming back. (Humidity today was 94 percent — it makes running feel as if you are slogging through a bowl of Jello.)

However, none of that appears to be happening.  I have set a self-imposed deadline of X number of pages by June first, and to meet it I’m going to have to get serious.  There are soccer matches, ballet recitals, and birthday parties clamouring for my time too.

Instead, I’ll point out a few shiny things in the hopes of distracting you until next week:

Do you read Erin Morgenstern’s Flax Golden Tales?  If not, you should.  I’m addicted. (She has a book coming out in the fall that is going to be HUGE.)

Orangette (I use her cookie recipe for every book signing) posted a video that made me smile.  He’s always been a storyteller first in my mind, and I love listening to his music when I run.

Finally, author Joshilyn Jackson wrote a hilarious post over at the Lipstick Chronicles about the private code words her writing group uses.  I’m thinking about stealing a bunch of them.

Happy weekend!

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One of us is not tired of winter.  One of us is still excited every time the door opens and the white stuff is glimpsed.  One of us cannot wait to run outside, to frolic and leap with boundless abandon.  One of us caused my son to do a perfect face plant in about three feet of snow.  (He came in, wiping his face.  “What happened?” I asked.  “I don’t want to tell you — you’ll laugh.”  He was right.)  One of us may be looking for a new home soon.

Tiggers are wonderful things

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